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We provide safe, fast and secure cloud hosting for our clients. Allowing you to have a website that is safe for engagement and for accepting online payments.

Our packages grow with you, helping accommodate the needs your website growth would acquire through content, sales and traffic.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Monthly Packages To Keep Your Investment Evolving

Our Hosting is Cloud based which makes it fast, secure and allows for your website platform to grow with your business needs. SSD storage and traffic CPU traffic notifications of usage will be part of your Monthly Support Package, so you can be up to date if you ever need to upgrade. Our assistance is based within studio hours.

Startup Hosting

R199 p/m

Professional Hosting

R449 p/m

Premium Hosting

R789 p/m


Extra features that can be added

Domain Transfer

Existing URL


Domain Registration

Domain Names From

R250 p/y

.com | .org | .net | | | & more


per business email

R55 p/m

Integrate with Outlook

Website Hosting Features

Services Details & Descriptions

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate, otherwise referred to as a Secure Sockets Layer, is otherwise known in layman’s terms as the “lock next to your domain name”. It is extremely important to have this security feature as it keeps sensitive information sent across the internet encrypted and allows any intended user the only access to it. Therefore it is important to keep your site safe and free from hacking but also allows for secure online payments. We give you your own domains SSL certificate complimentary as part of your Hosting. 

SSD Storage

Based on the amount of data created to build your website, this will take the SSD storage. In order to utilize your SSD to it’s best capacity, we will always use premium software and plugins that are lightweight, and optimize all images that get put on your website in order to allow not only for more SSD space but for site speed!

CPU Traffic

Some Hosting companies will also refer to this as Bandwidth and state it is unlimited, however there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. SSD storage in conjunction with CPU available for traffic is just like a certain size pipe flowing an allocated maximum amount of water, it can only do so much. So we have given you a transparent view of available CPU for you business to grow in our 3 tiers on our Cloud Hosting. You will be notified if your CPU has exceeded and how to upgrade, if necessary. When CPU is exceeded, on any hosting platform, whether it be a spike in traffic or a viral post, then your site will slow down and eventually be shut off for the remaining days left of the month till upgrade, which is why we want to be transparent with our clients on traffic.

Dedicated IP

Most IP address can be located on WHOIS server locateors, this allows anypne with knowledge enough to access information about the domain. Information like, who purchased it, when they did and when is renewal, who their hosting provider is and possibly even their address. These are all based on your hosting providers hosting compliance or platform they have placed you on. If you are getting too much spam or people challenging your url name  then your hosting is probibly on a shared plaform. However, our Cloud Hosting provides you with a dedicated IP which means that none of the things mentioned above will be visable to anyone and your domain is extra safe from hacking and spam crawlers.

CDN & Litespeed Cache

In order to accelerate the speed of a page, the CDN would cache all content, auto minimize images and dynamic content. In layman’s terms, it makes duplicates of your site and throws them at all the 152 located servers, so wherever you have a client opening your site, the CDn will open have the server closest to the client opening it, therefore faster loading times. This in conjunction with Litespeed Cache make your website optimal for great site speed, which Google favours and so do site visitors. It also blocks malicious traffic and spam. This plays a good role in site speed, and needs to be adhered to with image optimization and clean website building to show good uptime speeds.

Cloudflaire Protection

Shielding your DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks, malicious malware and hacking. Our name servers are DNS protected and allow your site to still run even when compromised, so the fault can be attended to as DDoS protection reroutes. We give your site 99.9% uptime that it will always be available online and allow you to keep running your business online.

Email Account

We offer 1 email account with a 15MB capacity and if there need to be any extra emails we can do this as an extra service add on. Your email will be created in our server and will be able to be connected to your Windows Outlook. We will provide all the details for linking.

Domain Name

There are hundreds of domain names available, we offer the most commonly used unless requested otherwise. You are welcome to purchase your domain through us and renew it annually, based on the prescribed fee. If you have already purchased your domain from a provider, we can give you information on transferring it to us as part of our complimentary service.