Support Plans


Aimed At Giving You Peace Of Mind

The reality of websites is that someone has to look after them once they done. Successful websites always evolve and our that’s why our Website Support Plans help your Investment perform, grow, stay secure and SEO friendly. 

Saving you time, money and giving you the peace of mind you deserve in order to have a competitive edge in your market.

Website Support Plans

Monthly Packages To Keep Your Investment Evolving

We do require all our clients to sign up for our Essentials Package for the core purposes of keeping your website security, software and plugins up to date by running a smooth secure system. The more that can be done on your site in all areas, the better for SEO. 

Alternative package tiers allow for you to upgrade at any point based on your business needs at a discount. Contact us if you require a more custom retainer package. Our support features below explain more.

Essentials Package

Basic Security & Updates

R629 p/m

Our mandatory plan has the base features to keep your website safe and updated.

Business Package

Premium Security & Content Updates

R2250 p/m

Premium services and security backups with a 2 hour Design Retainer.

Enteprise Package

Premium Security, Updates & Content Growth

R4579 p/m

Premium growth and security with a 5 hour Design & Content Retainer.

Website Support Features

Services Details & Descriptions – Know What You’re Investing In

Licenses & Updates

All the applications, software and plugins that are used to create your website have updates and yearly licenses attached to their development, which in turn allow for updating and upgrading your website. This type of technology contributes greatly to your site running smoothly and being up to Googles prefered status quo with their website crawlers but also ensuring your websites security and safety by preventing it from crashing or hacking.

Website Security

We make sure your website has a firewall to secure it and this in conjunction with updates and upgrades allows for better prevention from hacking or malware. Real time vulnerability reports are used to keep check on any software or plugins that are vulnerable, addressing CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), XSS (Cross-site scripting), RFI (Remote File Inclusion). 

We also implement security check because malware can be on your site  for months before it does anything, and we do our best to detect it early under the radar. We also strongly recommend you install an SSL certificate for your website, we have free installations, to lock your site security encryption, in our hosting plans. 

Site Backups & Recovery

As per Security this feature is the insurance your investment needs. We offer secure off site Cloud backup and recovery in 2 tiers: 

Backup & Recovery – Weekly (best suited for demanding websites with active development) where we do weekly incremental backups with all files and folders, off site, and have migration and recovery tools implemented. 

This service is part of web security to have preventative measures for any malware or hacking of your website. Therefore if your website needs to be recalibrated and cleaned this allows us to do everything in our power to restore, as best, a clients compromised site to it’s last recent backup state.

Design & Development

Running a business online allows you to acquire ways of shaping your digital platform regularly to drive more traffic to your website and aim towards more revenue in your business, which is why we help your business grow with our design & development services. To help make things uncomplicated we have added all the design and development attributes that are in favour of your website growth.

Design & Development plans helps clients upgrade and update the content of their website, which involves the following: 

– design elements (banners, typography, headers, content, colour alterations, tabs, sections)

– SEO on-page integration of posts, products, meta, pages, headers and applied images.

– mobile friendly design calibration on new content.

– pop ups designed for marketing or subscriptions (page or movement specific), 

– image optimization for better site speed (png / jpeg), 

– removing old content and adding new content (pages, blogs, products),

– editing, adding or removing features from detailed filtering applications, 

– royalty free stock images & search time included (if license fee, excluded)

– image edits, retouch, colour correction, blend.

– contact forms alterations or customizations and faq’s updates. 

Perfect for growing businesses and marketing content in need of content updates to convert. Our design & development fees are R950 per hour, however we do accommodate to provide discount on packaged services for clients needing a continuous monthly retainer for applications.

Minor Tweaks in our Essentials Package are the basics of altering names or contact details. These changes are a 10 minute cap for very quick website content alterations, perfect for static sites, however we do have retainers available when upgrading, if you feel your website needs more hands on deck to give you peace of mind.

Analytics Report

We supply you with a monthly client report confirming site updates, upgrades and backups and a site stat report to see how your website is performing with visitors and how certain keywords are performing in SEO. This graph allows clients to understand their audience and utilize Website Support to their advantage to keep moving forward with newer fresher outcomes of connecting and converting visitors to clients.


Give your Brand a voice and create a great user experience! We offer copywriter services and can assist you with all your written digital content, whether you need something new or you already have copy to work with, with SEO in mind. Whether you need content for your blog, products or services or social shares, we can help you with skillfully crafted words that convert and that will help establish you as an authority in your industry. And don’t forget about your site’s microcopy, because these are the critical snippets of text that appear on buttons and the like and that helps the user to navigate your site. 

Our team is also skilled in copywriting for emails (newsletters or campaigns), and we know how to compile stellar content that people want to read. Emails are a convenient way of reaching your audience, whether they are internal or external, and also doing automated responses for users. We can create pre-automated content for welcome mailers, abandon cart rescue, product purchases and product or service announcements. Our copywriting fees are R699 per hour, however we do accommodate to provide discount on packaged services for clients needing continuous monthly retainers.