7 Step Process


Building Success

I like to be on the same page with my clients so we can work smoothly and efficiently to get the very best outcome! Below is are the steps we’ll dance to success!

How It Works

A smooth process to take away the guesswork

1. Let's Chat

Choosing the right web design partner is very crucial, so once you have made contact with me via email or contact form, we’ll arrange a phone consultation. This call will be about a 20 minute cap where i will chat to you about your objectives and gather information from you about your project. Any queries you might have will be addressed and any idea possibilities going forward will be communicated to you.

Next I will outline  proposal for you to review, whereby I’ll have set out all the objectives, deliverables, suggestions and fixed price quote. Any queries you might have will be addressed and any idea possibilities going forward will be communicated to you.

If you decide to proceed with the project, simply pay the deposit so I can schedule you in and format a timeline for us to commence.

2. Discuss & Research

In this collaborative section we will seek to define the purpose of your brand. Websites go beyond pretty imagery and more into the strategy of who, what and why. Through brand strategy we will find your brand voice, your business values and target. 

Our strategy will all be sharpened down to who you are in the industry by giving your bran personality, what you have to offer versus your competitors and why people need to pay more attention to your business versus the competition. 

Through these insights we’ll be able to create a bespoke branded website that will stand out in your market, engaging with visitors and enticing hem to invest in your services or products.

3. Wireframe & Content

Deciding the content of your website, navigation of the site and the layout structure will be our next move.

The wireframe process will create the base structure of all content whereby we allow the best coexistence between what is imagery and what is copy. This is section serves as the barebones of the site so we can establish what best helps your goals.

After which you will need to supply copy and imagery for the site in accordance. If you would like the hassle taken away, I will be able to refer you to a copywriter, whereby step 2 will be utilized to keep to your brand voice and copy will be written in accordance with the site architecture. Premium stock can be supplied for your website, if discussed earlier on in step 1. 


Please note:

  • SEO – if you are interested in accurate on-page researched SEO, now would be a good time to integrate the base structures to assist in formatting the navigational pages and keyword structures of the url and header. These keywords will assist with site copy and headers for keyword searches. If you have your own keywords, please supply them to me.
  • Copywriting – if you have your own copy, please make sure it is proofread and structured accordingly as we will discuss in step 1. Alternatively, you can have a copywriter look over any existing copy to structure it or create fresh copy that is brand and SEO driven to calibrate with the new sites architecture. Also, we require each pages meta descriptions for on-page SEO formatting once the site goes live, if you cannot supply these, we can refer you to a copywriter to assist.

4. Design Visuals & Prototype

Having an effective design allows site visitors to connect with your brand and what you’re trying to convey. This creates a process of brand trust.

We will achieve this as follows:

– Style guides and mood board to flesh out the sites architecture. 

– Images will be optimized for better site speed

– Final copy, headers and images added to your website structure.

– Responsive design on all devices will be implemented.

After this, if needed, I will create a prototype to showcase the functionality of the sites architecture.

Please note: If you are a developer, all CSS / HTML files and style guides will be allocated to you.

5. Website Build

The agreed design visuals (or prototype) will be built out on your domain and where we will 

– Review the design functionality and links 

– Add the SEO on-page structures and meta

– Responsive design on all devices will reviewed.

Your site will be loaded on to our CMS platform, WordPress, ready to be launched.

6. Launch

With your website complete, we prepare you for launch by:

– Connecting your website to Google analytics for site tracking and data 

– One-on-one training remotely in a 40 minute zoom meeting so you are confident to utilize the CMS structure for uploading blogs, portfolios, products etc…as would be discussed in step 1.

– Launching your website to get your first visitors, allowing it to work hard for you 24/7.

7. Website Support

The next step for our website builds having continued success is taking care of your website. Which is why we require all our clients to sign on to our basic monthly support plan in order to continue good practice by prolonging the health and security of your investment. 

We give you peace of mind monthly by enabling website security, backups and recovery files, updates of software and plugins and upgrades of licenses. We also assist with a 15 minute window on any tweaks and alterations you might need in the given month. We will supply you with more information in our original discussions, as per our transparency and valued trust upfront.