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eAppointments for Your
Premium Services

Perfect for those that want to offer a Professional Appointment structure online for patients or clients on a daily basis. We will build you a dynamic website to integrate all your services in one convenient package and enable checkout to have your preferred payment gateway or to opt for cash on delivery at premises.

eAppointments Website Package

All the great things available to boost your eCommerce Business

Every ecommerce business is unique and we have all the ways you can sell. Below is a good overview of what’s on offer with our eCommerce Packages and the choice of Premium Features that can be included in your online business to grow and bring in revenue.

Custom Built Websites

Building custom websites that are tailored to your business needs is our expertise. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our work and commit to our clients being happy. Involving our clients, with proper communication, is how we give the best solutions to growing their business and standing out in their market.

Fully Responsive Design

We also like to ensure your content is readable across all devices and your site is user-friendly, which is why we custom build each part for visual and user appeal. Being mobile responsive is great for SEO organic ranking and enhances the user experience as 50% of site visitors do so on their mobile devices.

Advanced Filter & Calendar

Filtering your services by way of multiple services, multiple service personnel, hourly, daily and weekly calendar availability. If there is any need to add extra service details with extra charges, this can be integrated too into the appointment filter funnel. Contact form information follows with an integrated checkout to your prefered payment gateway or cash on delivery option.

Reviews & Ratings

To deepen your audience engagement you can add reviews, comments and ratings of services to services. These can also be moderated from the website dashboard. This is better than relying on 3rd party rating systems as it helps with Google acknowledging your site SEO and Brand credibility.

Design and Image Editing

This is all part of customizing your website design content, be it with high resolution images you hand over to me, premium stock images I source to make your website stand out and convert visually with brand continuity!

Portfolios & Galleries

are provided to elaborate on your marketable product or service. Portfolios are a collection of one type of theme/style with details and Galleries are individual images with no details.

Blog Posts

To connect with your consumer with great content about your latest projects, news or events. We help integrate on-site SEO to all posts for Google search engines to love you, with our Maintenance Packages. 

Social Media

Connecting 3rd party marketing strategies with your website by adding links to all your social accounts and creating live feeds from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube posts. 

Google Analytics

Analytics is installed so you can analyse your site’s performance and understand how visitors respond to your content over time, this can be viewed in your dashboard and in our Basic Maintenance Plan for easy review on site behaviour.

Custom Forms & reCaptcha​

Customized forms designed for your needs and the installation of anti-spam or anti-bot reCaptcha integrated. We can also devlope a structure that blocks certain words, companies or emails from submitting on your forms, as well as allowing certain emails too.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

60-80% site visitors abandon their carts, distractions occur or the internet drops. So we have integrated this to help you connect with these site visitors via a 3 email formatted response series, that gives enough time for your site visitor to continue from where they started with a uniques link to close the getting an appointment. Based on your email series a unique limited time coupon code can be built into the recovery.

Email Marketing

We create your Mailchimp account and integrate it into your website platform so you can create contact lists and templates to connect with your subscribers. To get you started we will install pre-designed templates with the correct copywriting on generic mailers like “welcome”, “thank you’s” and “purchase confirmations”  etc. If you wish to advance your customer relations and have monthly email Newsletters and Campaigns created, let us know.

Pop Ups

Smart pop-up banners for your website to boost sales, promotions, registrations and discounts. They can be integrated on certain pages and also allocated certain action i.e. when a site visitor goes to exit. Pop ups have recorded sales increases by 70%. Keep up with more sales each month by adding a design retainer with your Maintenance plan. 

On-site SEO

Search Engine Optimization to boost your organic ranking and ensure your site is indexed as soon as possible. All meta-data copy needs to be supplied by you / copywriter. This is linked to your Google Analytics and Maintenance, all working together to rank you higher! This is a long term game plan that helps your site rank better in your market for customers to find you.


We’ll give 40 minutes training, remotely via Zoom/Skype screen share, if you wish to handle uploading your blog posts and uploading new products to your shop and tracking shop analytics. If you wish to take advantage of your Monthly Support plan to do this for you, so you don’t need to stress or allocate time to upload blogs, products etc then we are happy to help.

Basic Maintenance Plan

Our mandatory monthly plan is based on necessary site health and security, which consists of your website upgrades, updates, licence renewals, analytics report and a monthly backup. We give you peace of mind by taking care of your investment for Marketing and eCommerce websites. If you with to upgrade to our Premium Support Plans on offer, you will be able to find more info here.

Google Analytics

Analytics is installed so you can analyse your site’s performance and understand how visitors respond to your content over time, this can be viewed in your dashboard and in our Basic Maintenance Plan for easy review on site behaviour.

Dashboard Details

What To Expect From Your eCommerce Website

Secure Payment Gateways

to use Payfast, Stripe, Paypal and more. Also the choices of Bank transfers (EFT) and (COD) Cash On Delivery, as options.


SEO on-page

meta data integration for product pages and services so your website is Google friendly and clients can find your products.


Your local currency integrated plus multiple currencies option for global services.

Star Ratings

Allowing you to moderate Product and Service ratings, reviews and comments for your business.

Extra Services

Extra Services allowing peace of mind and growth


Give your Brand a voice and create a great user experience! We offer copywriter services and can assist you with all your written digital content, whether you need something new or you already have copy to work with, with SEO in mind. Whether you need content for your blog, products or services or social shares, we can help you with skillfully crafted words that convert and that will help establish you as an authority in your industry. And don’t forget about your site’s microcopy, because these are the critical snippets of text that appear on buttons and the like and that helps the user to navigate your site. 

Our team is also skilled in copywriting for emails (newsletters or campaigns), and we know how to compile stellar content that people want to read. Emails are a convenient way of reaching your audience, whether they are internal or external, and also doing automated responses for users. We can create pre-automated content for welcome mailers, abandon cart rescue, product purchases and product or service announcements. 

Live Chat Bot

If you wish to have a point of contact for clients to communicate with your business directly online, we can install a live chat bot to facilitate with this. However if you need more integration to answer predetermined questions and allow your team to give more service delivery based on topics, then we can assist you with more information on this, and would suggest copywriting integrated for a more user friendly experience of your brands voice.

Brand Design

Ensuring you evoke the right thoughts and feelings when visitors encounter your brand, you may want to consider your options on your logo design, corporate identity and branding (be it new or a refresher). Remember, you can have a website, but your brand creates an experience for your customer, which attributes to your SEO with online media. Let us know how we can help.